CamFi review (update: added CamFi Matrix functionality)


The CamFi is a small (think matchbox) sized unit with just one switch, some ports and a built-in battery. The CamFi can add WiFi connectivity to a lot of different Canon and Nikon cameras (on their site you can find the list of supported models, where the camera seems to be the limiting factor on stead of the CamFi). So if you add a CamFi to your camera you’ve upgraded it with WiFi, and then?


  • Live view for smartphone, tablet or even laptop
  • Full control of your camera settings (you can set aperture, shutter speed, white balance, file type, metering etc. but also autofocus)
  • Take a photo
  • Record video (if you camera supports that)
  • Time Lapse photography
  • Focus Stacking
  • Advanced bracketing

Sound complex or hard doesn’t it? Well it isn’t, it is quite simple actually. You connect the CamFi to the camera using the USB cable. CamFi comes with one USB cable with an Mini-USB connector. If you have a different connection on your camera, like the USB 3.0 port on my D800, you’ll have to use the cable that comes with you camera. The CamFi uses a standard female USB port, so you can use any normal USB cable to connect it. The CamFi also comes with a ‘hot shoe’ mount so you can put the CamFi on top of your camera. You can also use an L-bracket to keep you hot shoe free for using a speedlight. The supplied L-bracket was a little small for my big D800, but I’m sure it will work perfect with smaller cameras.

CamFi review
On the Nikon D800 you’ll have to use the cable supplied with the camera

After you’ve connected the CamFi to your camera you can turn it on. The CamFi has got a built in battery that can keep it running for about 6 hours. Charging the CamFi is done via a normal Micro-USB port, so you can use your smartphone charger or a free USB port on your PC to charge it. After turning the CamFi on (it takes about 20-30 seconds to boot) you can connect your smarphone of PC to the unsecured WiFi network of the CamFi. Once you are connected you can open the app on your phone or the software on your PC and it will connect to your CamFi by itself. One click on the ‘live view’ button in the app and you’ve got a live connection with your camera. If WiFi doesn’t work or you don’t want to use WiFi you can also connect the CamFi to your PC using a standard UTP-network cable.

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